Monday, 01 June 2020 14:19

Tamworth Working Together

Tamworth Working Together has been a theme running throughout all aspects of our response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Monday, 01 June 2020 14:12

Tamworth Sewing Group

The Tamworth Sewing Group is based at our town centre base. It was set up by Emma who continues to manage it brilliantly.

St John’s hosted the winter night shelter for four months helping numerous people come off the streets for food and accommodation and most of them into permanent accommodation.

Friday, 01 May 2020 11:18

HoT’s 7 P’s response to pandemic

HoT’s 7 P’s response to pandemic:

Friday, 24 April 2020 11:16

Tamworth Volunteer Sewing Group

Tamworth Volunteer Sewing Group is a new initiative: Headed up by Emma, over 200 volunteers are sewing PPE for care homes and hospitals.

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